• "I am so grateful for your program, and your book, giving us a language to our own grief experience. Maria, your work is so valuable. Thank you for everything.

    Alexis O.
    Alexis O. Seattle WA. HMHL Book
  • This information is essential for anyone dealing with loss.

    Michael D.
    Michael D. Perth, ON Canada - Basics of Bereavement
  • I do feel my Mom sent you to me, I really do. It's very special.

    Sharon B.
    Sharon B. London, England - Flex Pass Program
  • This program is as vital as a Doctor's Appt. I have always looked for my vitality to come back, now I have hope.

    Jo D.
    Jo D. County Kildare, Ireland - HMR Program
  • This book has become a lifetime resource in all that I do and all that I teach. It gives validation, language and actions to help us navigate our grief. How? By guiding us on how to convert our grief to mourning. To release ourselves from the painful grip of being stuck in our grief. I am forever grateful and feel this is a must-read for everyone. Don't wait for grief, read it now!

    Yvonne H.
    Yvonne H. Founder, Love Your Life Canada - HMHL Book
  • Basics of Healthy Mourning has worked miracles on me. It has helped me more than I ever believed possible.

    Kimberly W.
    Kimberly W. Indiana, USA
  • Thank you for all you do. I'm doing all I can do to heal, but you and your program have been by far my most valuable healing tool.

    Suzy T.
    Suzy T. Potsdam, NY USA - HMR Program
  • The Basics of Healthy Mourning is so worthwhile

    Ken S.
    Ken S. Kelowna, BC Canada - Basics of Healthy Mourning
  • It has been such a wonderful enriching 5 days and has given me a healthier perspective on grief and mourning. HMR should be part of a school curriculum.

    Elaine P.
    Elaine P. Cape Town, South Africa
  • We're very grateful for your excellent teaching skills. I've heard nothing but positive remarks about your training, we were very impressed with the calibre and quality of your work, and your talent in helping each of us identify and overcome our mental blocks.

    Erin Thompson
    Erin Thompson Nav-CARE Program Manager Kalein Centre
  • Maria, you are a blessing to me and the rest of the world. I am so happy that you have recognized your passion in life and had the courage to share it.

    Anne-Lis T.
    Anne-Lis T. Perth, ON Canada - Basics of Bereavement
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Welcome to the Healthy Mourning Revolution! We are dedicated to revolutionizing the way you think about grief and mourning so that together we create compassionate grief communities worldwide. We teach the keys to healthy mourning so that we may grow through our grief journey with ease and grace.

As we seek support for our grief journey, be it through group support for grief, through grief counselling or grief coaching, we know that the key to healing grief is to go through the grief process. Healthy Mourning is about providing the grief resources, and the on-line grief support to ensure healthy grief and healthy mourning. We are here to support you and help you through your grief journey. We are here to teach you how to cope with your grief by reframing it. We are dedicated to supporting you as you convert your grief to mourning, and heal from your grief journey so that you may be free to live your best life.

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