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Changing the way people think about grief and mourning. Join us, as together we choose healthy mourning as our way through the grief journey.

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Welcome to the Healthy Mourning Revolution! We are dedicated to creating compassionate communities by teaching the keys to healthy mourning so that we may all go through our grief journey's with ease and grace.

Most of us have grown up in a grief phobic, mourning avoidant society, so it is no surprise that when faced with the death of a loved one, we don’t know what to do with our grief. As a result, most of us bury and carry our grief for years, and even decades. Healthy Mourning is specially designed to teach everyone how to convert their grief to mourning and move through the grief process with ease and grace.

Healthy Mourning Programs

Healthy Mourning, 2020

This is a monthly subscription program. Each week we connect via Facebook Live in a special Facebook Group designated for participants only. Once a week the group meets live to go over a different Healthy Mourning Grief Conversion Technique as discussed in Maria’s book, Healthy Mourning, Happy Loving. Maria reads the chapter from the book, adding background, stories and more useful tips on how to use the conversion technique. We spend the rest of the week supporting one-another as we utilize the technique to walk our grief journey with ease and grace.

In addition to the weekly sessions, once a month Maria holds a Q and A for all participants. This is a zoom session that allows us to talk together in real time.

All Facebook and Q and A sessions are recorded and posted in a classroom that you have full access to, so you are able to view video’s from earlier in the year.

For more information and to register click here.

Private Consultation Sessions with Maria

When you find yourself stuck and you need some extra support to get through this part of your grief journey, a little one to one time can help you identify your next steps and help you move through them with ease and grace.  Maria has set up the Flex Package which allows for 3 1-hour sessions or 2 1.5-hour sessions to meet the needs of individual clients.  If you would like longer on-going packages, that is available as well. 

For more information and to register click here.

Healthy Mourning In A Grief Pandemic

This program trains Hospice Volunteers to work with those who are grieving during a grief pandemic and those who are grieving due to losses specific to the Corona Virus Pandemic.  For more information please contact Maria directly at

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About Maria

Maria is a native New Yorker who moved to Calgary in the summer of 1988. As a professional keynote speaker and facilitator, Maria has been committed to the personal and professional development of her clients on both sides of the border. While studying with Dr. Alan Wolfelt, Maria discovered the epidemic of buried and carried grief that is spreading through North America. Maria is dedicated to fostering compassionate communities throughout North America by teaching healthy mourning as a pathway to happy living and joyful loving.

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