About Maria

Maria Kliavkoff, Author, keynote speaker, training leader, workshop facilitator and grief coach.  While founding Executive Director of the Hospice Society of the Columbia Valley, Maria studied with Dr. Alan Wolfelt and received her Death and Grief Studies Certificate, focused on complicated and traumatic grief, from the Center for Loss and Life Transition in Colorado.  In 2018 Maria stepped down from her position at the Hospice to resume her career as a keynote speaker and facilitator.  Her new found passion was to create compassionate communities by teaching people the difference between grief and mourning, and the ways of healthy mourning.  Maria created the Healthy Mourning Revolution to revolutionize the way people think about grief and mourning.  During the covid pandemic and subsequent grief pandemic, Maria used the platforms of her podcast, Healthy Mourning Revolution Radio, the Healthy Mourning Channel (on You Tube) and the Healthy Mourning Revolution Live Launch to educate and disseminate vital information.  In 2019 she published her first book, Healthy Mourning, Happy Loving, 52 Ways to Convert Your Grief to Mourning with Ease and Grace.  Her next 2 books, Healthy Mourning in a Grief Pandemic and Healthy Mourning for Womb Twin Survivors are currently in the works.

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