Grief Support Programming


Healthy Mourning Revolution Live Launch

Every time we go live, discoveries and a-ha’s abound that support participants in finding easier ways to walk their grief journey.  5 days, 5 hours, Countless discoveries.


Basics of Healthy Mourning

This is a recording of our most recent Live Launch.  For those who prefer not to join us live or those who wish to go through the curriculum before our next live launch, we invite you to join us here.


HMR Program

As a monthly subscription program, with weekly sessions and monthly q & a, the Healthy Mourning Revolution Program allows grievers to go at their own pace finding what is true for them in their grief journey.  Together we convert our grief to mourning, so that we may reclaim our memories, our love and the joy in our lives.


Private Consultation Sessions with Maria

When you find yourself stuck and you need some extra support on your grief journey, this is the program for you. The flex pass supports all clients in using our time together effectively.  Sometimes one hour is all we need to melt the block and carry on with the grief journey with ease and grace.


Healthy Mourning for Womb Twins and Multiples

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