Grief Support Programming


Healthy Mourning Revolution Live Launch

Designed to teach the basics that everyone needs to know about grief and mourning in a light hearted and comfortable way. By the end of the workshop you will find hope for the future and you will know that joy is possible, even as you grieve.


Basics of Healthy Mourning

Welcome to the Basics of Healthy Mourning. It is our honour and our privilege to have you join us here. This was recorded at our last live launch in May.

You have access to this classroom for 7 days, starting on the day you enroll in the program. May these videos and your homework help bring clarity, ease and grace to your grief journey. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. Namaste.


HMR Program

As we convert our grief to mourning, so we reclaim our memories, our love and the joy in our lives.


Private Consultation Sessions with Maria

When you find yourself stuck and you need some extra support to get through this part of your grief journey, a little one to one time can help you identify your next steps and help you move through them with ease and grace.  Maria has set up the Flex Package which allows for 3 1-hour sessions or 2 1.5-hour sessions to meet the needs of individual clients.  If you would like longer on-going packages, that is available as well.


Healthy Mourning for Womb Twins and Multiples

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