Womb Twin/Multiple


Womb Twin Chat

Join our weekly meetings facilitated by Olga Waters, Irish Representative to WTW and Maria Kliavkoff, Canadian Representative to WTW. To learn more about the group go to the Healthy Mourning for Womb Twins Facebook Page or contact Maria.


Healthy Mourning for Womb Twins, Multiples and Their Parents

This 21 hour certificate program focuses on the unique realities of the womb twin or multiple and the complications of grief that parents and siblings experience with the loss of their precious twin or multiple.  Join us on a deep journey of discovery and healing.

Facebook Group

A place were we can gather, share our experiences and our discoveries, learn about the womb twin experience and access resources to support us in our journey.

Vanishing Twin Panel Discussion

Listen to a recording of a virtual discussion where Maria was a panelist.  The topic was Vanishing Twin Syndrome and Infant and Fetal Loss.  The purpose of the event was to educate and raise awareness for healthcare providers, patients, survivors, educators, researchers and many others.

Womb Twin Worldwide Website

Originated by Womb Twin Pioneer, Althea Hayton, and loaded with important information, this website is a valuable resource for anyone who is curious to learn more about the womb twin journey.

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